Ingredients, The Game of Creativity

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Volume 1 features an assortment of 56 connections or "ingredients" that range from famous artists, food, tools, and mediums. To play, simply flip or select 2 random cards and think, write or draw what the combination of ideas looks like to you.

The best part is, there are no wrong answers! The Game of Creativity is your chance to get weird at low stakes to build your creative muscles for when it really matters! At school, at work, or as a game with friends, The Game of Creativity can help you think more openly and be more creative!

TGOC Ingredients can also be used with our pack! Flip over one card from each pack and let your imagination fly by creating a solution to a problem with a set "ingredient".

  • Excellent tool for kids and adults alike to use your imagination and build creative confidence.
  • High-quality poker size cards manufactured at The United States Playing Card Company.