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Hello! And welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself. My name is Claire. I am the mother of this business, blog and the baby it was named after, Mary-Therese. Presently, my husband and I have one daughter who is 8 months old. When I became pregnant, 17 months ago, it seemed that my life as I knew it, changed completely. I soon became apart of this "club" of moms who needed community, fellowship and answers to all their puzzling questions about motherhood.

I soon began to realize that, unfortunately, no, I could not continue to google medical questions about what was happening to my baby or body and find peace. I needed to reach out to other moms who had taken the journey of motherhood long before me. Once I was able to talk to these veteran moms, peace was restored and I was able to concentrate on what mattered most: being the best version of myself for my baby.

Through all the struggles, joys, tears and laugher that pregnancy comes with, I made a promise that some day I would share this information with other moms who needed it just as badly as I did. You see, something happens when you grow life within you. You want to help as many other people as you can, just as you are helping your child live inside you. Mothering your child and those around you becomes as easy and as natural as breathing. Motherhood, changes everything. 

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