The Soul Connection

Growing up and before I got married, my last name was Solak. It is pronounce "Soul-LAK". So, naturally, I had a lot of time thinking about my soul as a young child.

Lately, I have been doing some reading, now that I have a few moments to myself and my baby is a little more independent. These books have been of great value to me and I couldn't help but be inspired to think about the mind, body, soul connection that we all have. I mean, most people learn about the mind and body connection in psychology or health class at some point. I think it is to our disadvantage that they sometimes forget about what the soul needs. We hear the saying a lot, "This is good for my soul," or "This is just what my soul needed". But really, what does our soul really need? Ask just about any mother with small children under the age of maybe 10 and they will probably say, "I just want some quiet time to myself." I myself have thought this a few times over after caring for my baby for long periods of time. 

Recently, I have really contemplated and took into action a small task of being quiet and still in my soul for a short period of time. Nothing big. I try to set a timer for 15 minutes and if I have another task that takes me away a little before then, they I let it go and say tomorrow I'll go for the full 15 minutes. It's just a short time in my day, where I stop and listen to my thoughts and what has been on my mind. It is truly amazing how I come out of the quiet time so much more relaxed and at peace. Those small "worries" that once took up so much space in my mind, just don't really seem to be a big deal anymore.

I encourage you all to try this practice, for a week, for a month or longer. It has helped me immensely in showing up as a wife, mother and friend.

Remember to show up for yourself today and let peace begin to reign in your soul.